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Join our growing community of climate-conscious people just like you and make areal impacton our planet's future.

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Immurio supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Your personal sustainability coach

Rio is our advanced AI expert trained to be your personal sustainability companion. Get a sneak peek during the Public Preview period.



Sustainability Expert

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  • Local to you

    Rio is trained to understand local challenges and opportunities.
  • Up to date

    Rio's data is constantly updated to keep up with the latest developments.
  • Personalized responses

    Rio's responses are 100% tailored to your personal situation.
  • Private and secure

    Your conversations never leave our secure systems. Your data is safe.
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Calculate your footprint

Where do you stand?

Immurio's carbon footprint calculator lets you discover your personal carbon emissions. Join the 500+ people who have already calculated their footprint.

  • Quick results

    It only takes between 3 and 5 minutes to complete the calculator.
  • Trusted data

    We only use the latest emissions data from trusted sources.
  • Free report

    Get a free Carbon Report emailed to you with your results.
  • Integrated with Rio

    Rio can interpret your report for you to create a personal action plan.
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Coming soon

We're just getting started!

Make Immurio your one-stop-shop for sustainability and climate action with these upcoming features. Sign-ups are currently paused but you can still get on the waitlist!

  • User accounts

    User accounts

    Track your progress and access personalized recommendations.

  • Your Actions

    User accounts

    Pledge to take eco-friendly actions and reduce your footprint.

  • Carbon offsets

    User accounts

    Offset your unavoidable emissions with our monthly subscription.

  • Flight carbon calculator

    User accounts

    Measure and offset the impact of your past and future flights.

  • Native mobile app

    User accounts

    The polished Immurio interface as a native smartphone app.



Sustainability Expert

Let me help you on your sustainability journey.

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