We want to move the needle on climate change.

At Immurio, we believe in the power of community in creating long-lasting climate impact. The problem of climate change is not any individual's responsibility, but all of ours.

Together, we have the ability to reverse the course of the climate crisis and restore our world to its abundant natural beauty.


Our story

We're just getting started and there's a long way to go, so buckle in because we're not stopping until we've healed the planet!

We started Immurio in 2023 with a single goal: to move the needle on climate change.

For years, we personally struggled with the climate crisis. We knew it was the biggest issue facing the world today, but any individual action we took felt completely insignificant. We came to realize that the only way to make real change happen was through collective action.

Immurio was born as a platform for connecting people who care about the Earth and to act as a force multiplier for scaling their individual contributions to a global level.

  1. Immurio started

    Immurio was created in August 2023 in Seattle, WA

  2. Launch of carbon calculator

    We released our free household carbon calculator

  3. Public preview of Rio

    We created Rio, the most advanced AI sustainability expert

  4. ???

    Great things to come in the future, join us on our journey!

Immurio is building a community for real climate action.

Our values

Our values are at the core of who we are as a company. These are the inalienable traits in our DNA and every decision we make works backwards from our values.

Users come first
Our users (you!) are at the heart of everything we do. A community is nothing without its members, and we recognize that. We value your opinions and will always listen to you and your needs.
Trust through transparency
Climate action can be difficult to navigate on your own. We want to eliminate the anxiety that comes with the many choices of climate action. By being transparent about our projects, our mission and goals, we want to earn your trust.
Be the expert
A vast all-encompassing topic like climate change can be overwhelming. We want to be the climate expert that you turn to for advice and guidance.


Sustainability Expert

Let me help you on your sustainability journey.

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